J's Garden
Welcome to my Garden. We moved to our home in fall of 1998. In 1999, when we had
to get a new septic system, my mind started
to work on what I could do with the new backyard. So, the far garden at the end of
the "brick" path was created.

JsGarden Pic1

That Spring for Mother's Day my husband made me the arbor. Soon thereafter we made the brick pathway together. Next came the garden with the white birdhouse, and next the one with the brick wall and red bird house first level. The next summer we put up another level and the waterfall. The waterfall has been revised a number of times as we struggled with how to keep the water from going out. I think we finally got it after many, many tries.

JsGarden Pic2

In the following years, I added gardens by the
house with the last one I call in memory of my mom. It's the one with the Pink Hydrangea and the two angels beside it. I received the angels from friends and the plant from the girls I work with. She would be so proud.

JsGarden PIc3

Finally, this last year came the Garden Shed. With hard work from my husband and a little help from me after finding a picture online of what I wanted. (I think he thought it was going to be plain, ha, little did he know) I Love my shed and have my tools, statutes, pots and other things a girl just can't live without in it. It's my home away from home.

JsGarden Pic4

This Spring, we plan on adding a garden beside the shed and doing more landscaping around it. So Stay tuned. We live in very sandy soil, the gardens are all in full sun so the plants there are for that type of conditions. I have received most of the plants from friends but have purchased a few to fill in. If there is anything I can tell you...don't be afraid to split, move, and experience as you may be surprised how it turns out.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures. J